Dune HD selects Broadcom silicon for satellite STBs

Michelle Clancy | 29-01-2014

Dune HD, which produces digital media players, has selected Broadcom's BCM7356 satellite system-on-a-chip (SoC) for its next generation set-top box (STB) deployments.

With integrated Ethernet connectivity and interface options to connect with Broadcom's Wi-Fi and powerline solutions, the single-chip solution allows Dune HD to deliver seamless multi-room DVR viewing while reducing cost and power requirements.

Broadcom's silicon allows multiple users to store, time-shift or access content from multiple devices throughout the home, and includes the HD FastRTV channel change acceleration technology, which the company says improves channel change speeds by up to 500%.

"As home subscribers around the world continue to consume more HD content simultaneously via multiple devices, demand for high performance single-chip solutions is on the rise," said Nicholas Dunn, Broadcom vice president of marketing for broadband and direct broadcast satellite (DBS). "Our HD satellite SoC with support for multiple formats enables Dune HD to deliver superior quality HD video throughout the home."

Dune HD's product line ranges from low-cost, compact STB designs to professional-grade universal media players with internal hard drive bays, optical drives and full Internet and content connectivity.

"Our company is renowned for delivering the very best in networked digital media devices," said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, Dune HD president and CEO. "Broadcom's highly integrated single-chip design provided the innovation we required to meet growing demand for simultaneous, multi-room viewing while reducing power, complexity and overall cost."