HealthDay expands online TV audience with Spanish-language programming

Parent Category: News | 29-01-2014

HealthDay and NPN Media are expanding their joint syndicated health news video product, HealthDay TV, to US Hispanic and Latin American communities, with daily segments in Spanish. HealthDay Television en Espanol will be available to portals and health organisations in the United States, Latin America and around the world.

HealthDay Television en Espanol is now available to the fastest growing segment of the US population with a 60-second video that will feature the most important health news each weekday. Daily topics will cover the latest news published in major medical journals and new research presented at medical conferences.

Hosted by Aliza Lifshitz of Vida y Salud, the daily video report will cover a range of medical and health topics, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma and family health issues.

"It is a natural progression to be offering relevant health news programming to the US Hispanic population, which is 53 million strong and constitutes 17% of the Nation's total population," said Robert Rodriguez, CEO of NPN Media. "Health and lifestyle news are priority topics among the growing number of US Hispanics and Latin Americans around the world, and our daily programming will engage them in their language, be culturally relevant, and offer the latest health findings from world-respected sources. We anticipate a strong reception and significant growth with HealthDay Television en Espanol."

For the past five years the English-language version of HealthDay TV has been syndicated to health portals such as Everyday Health, Medline Plus, Yahoo!, AOL, and US News and World Report. HealthDay Television en Espanol will also be licensed to managed-care organisations, medical office television systems, and hospitals located in communities with high concentrations of Spanish-speaking patients.