Envivio enhances network management with Guru 4.0

Editor | 29-01-2014

Aiming to automate service scheduling, improve user interface and simplify video headend management, Envivio has launched an enhanced version of its network management system (NMS).

Formerly called Envivio 4Manager, the new Envivio Guru 4.0, Guru 4.0 includes tools such as enhanced monitoring, connectivity enhancements, device auto-discovery and scheduled service control.

Guru Service Scheduling is designed to allow operators to automate video service features at the service level, instead of needing to adjust specific devices. For example, the operator can use the Guru user interface to schedule blackouts, logo insertion or live-to-file recordings for a specific channel, at a particular day and time.

The new solution is also designed to maximise video headend availability and reliability by reporting system malfunctions and offering automatic and redundancy protection switching.

Guru is integrated with third-party devices, enabling system compatibility for a variety of network architectures. Video quality can be monitored for all resolutions and bitrates in real-time, to ensure acceptable quality of experience (QoE) for consumers, across all devices.

"Envivio Guru is an ideal system for managing multiscreen and traditional broadcast headends from a single platform," explained Envivio solution architect Arnaud Caron. "The recent user interface enhancements and introduction of new features including automated service scheduling significantly improve workflow management and communication, thereby reducing operational complexity and cost."