Mexico's pay-TV thrives under LAMAC

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29-01-2014

The Mexican pay-TV networks belonging to the Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC) have grown more than those not in the association, according to the council. Quoting Ibope Media figures, the council says that in 2013 the LAMAC channels increased their audience by 23%, while non-LAMAC networks grew by 10%.

"The audience of our member channels had an extraordinary behaviour during 2013, which points to a consolidation of our signals over the rest," explained Federico Baumgartner, Mexico's country manager for LAMAC. "And it's important to add this is not an isolated trend, it's something we have been noticing for the last years."

According to LAMAC, during the past three years the average rating of its channels has grown 57%, while the free-to-air networks have lost 8% of their audience. The trend is especially noticeable in some audience segments, such as young housewives (between 18-35), which has increased it pay-TV consumption 140% since 2011.

As a direct consequence of the ratings increase, the share of LAMAC's channels has also grown. In all audience segments the difference between member and non-member channels is remarkable, in some cases seeing double the figures, such as for young adults between 25-45.

"We are sure the growth for LAMAC's channels will continue during 2014," said Baumgartner. "These results are a clear distinguishing aspect for advertisers and media agencies when it comes to selecting the channels for a concrete campaign."