Bungalow joins forces with Cisneros on Hispanic content production

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 31-01-2014

Bungalow, a private integrated entertainment and media company recently founded by media and entertainment executive Robert Friedman, will collaborate with Latin media company Cisneros and its business units across multiple platforms including television, digital media and live events, working in conjunction with creative agencies, independent producers, cable networks and global media companies for all regions of the world.

Together, the two will develop Spanish- and English-language series and content geared toward Hispanic audiences. The two will also work together to identify and channel key strategic relationships, and build advertiser and branded-content partnerships.
The partnership is an opportunity to find new areas of growth for Cisneros, which reaches nearly 550 million viewers in more than 100 countries with television, digital, music and consumer products focused on the Hispanic and Latin markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
"With our successful history in television that spans more than five decades, we have established a brand recognised the world over (for its Latin soap operas and dramatic series); and in keeping with our current business plan focused on an aggressive expansion strategy, we are partnering with one of the industry's most talented minds and dealmakers to ensure our growth in prime markets with great potential for Latin-based content," said Adriana Cisneros, CEO of the company, adding that the two will "assess and exploit all viable business opportunities and ventures in the world of entertainment."