Atresmedia extends Telemundo agreement, loses Televisa

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 31-01-2014

Atresmedia has extended its agreement with Telemundo to premiere the network's latest soap operas on the DTT channel Nova in Spain. However, it will face competition from Mediaset which is restructuring laSiete to exclusively air soap operas and has won a distribution contract with Televisa, which until now had been working with Atresmedia.

Telemundo will now premiere its productions in Spain through Nova, whose programming will be formed by some of the most successful soap operas from Latin America and the US.

According to Atresmedia, Nova has been setting a trend on Spanish DTT by broadcasting Telemundo productions over the last few years. Pasión de Gavilanes, Una Maid en Manhattan and La Patrona have seen great audience success, with La Patrona gaining a 4.2% share, a high figure for a channel with a 2% average.

However, Mediaset is getting ready to launch its own soap opera channel by completely restructuring LaSiete which will launch a new line-up from 14 February. According to Vanitatis, Mediaset has signed a distribution deal with Televisa, through which LaSiete will exclusively pick the Mexican productions from next year.

Regarding the battle for viewers, Nova has been regularly beating LaSiete, almost doubling its average share, as well as easily topping the figures among specific audience sectors, such as housewives.