Loft extension sees increased technical and operational footprint

Editor | 01-02-2014

Leading global independent digital media hub Loft London has completed the latest technical and operational expansion of its facilities.

News of the addition to the facilities comes days after Loft concluded a deal with Zodiak Rights that saw the latter transfer its in-house post-production business and staff to Loft’s Chiswick HQ. In addition, the company has over the last three months put into action its plans to extend the services on offer to its increasing client base by creating a new post-production environment that encompasses four online edit suites which run a blend of Avid’s Media Composer, Symphony and Final Cut Pro, all supported by Isis and Interplay platforms.

Loft London has also increased its encode and transcode capacity by the inclusion of DVS Venice and Content Agents – resulting in an expansion in disk storage of just over 400TB and an increase in Aspera and HDCamSR capabilities.

“More and more, Loft London’s clients have asked us to look into other areas of content fulfilment,” commented Loft CSMO Davide Maglio. “We see this investment in our technical and post production environments as a complement to our existing areas of expertise. In conjunction with our innovative Cubix platform, our clients can now manage whole end to end workflows; from the lens to the screen, be it from location Production offices or with their clients.”