Rovi readies metadata Winter Olympics TV binge

Parent Category: News | 01-02-2014

With the start of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi days away, Rovi Corporation has made its metadata for the event available to connect consumers to coverage across multiple screens.

Observing that in the US alone NBC is promising 1539 hours of programming over 18 days that will span across living room TVs, mobile devices, the web and social media, Rovi suggests that the problem for customers will not be whether or not a particular event is on, but rather, finding when and where it’s being aired.

Rovi’s offering of information on TV programmes, movies, celebrities and sports, covers 55 countries worldwide including data coverage of the games features hour-by-hour event descriptions, athlete profiles, event history, unique facts, and associated multimedia content. Updated as schedule changes require, data includes unique identifier tags, keywords, and links throughout the data. Rovi is also providing its data in multiple formats and lengths that can be configured for use on various device types and screen sizes. The multiscreen services can be extended even further with official social media handles and pages, and premium images provided as a part of Rovi Video.

“Our in-house team of sports editors have spent hours collecting and creating metadata for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games,” said John Moakley, executive vice president of Data Solutions at Rovi. “We’re ready for the competition to begin and, as we see star athletes and teams emerge, we will be working to capture the details of their stories as history is being made.”