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Thread: Need Help With PACE Cable Box (Programing New Funcard4)

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    Need Help With PACE Cable Box (Programing New Funcard4)

    Hi i am from the uk, i have a Pace Cable Box Model Di2000T Which is used with telewest. Could Anyone please help me. I am new to how this all works but im learning. I know you can program a new funcard4 for this model so u can recieve all the channels. I would like to know if any one knows how to program a new funcard and which program to use. If you have time please could someone help me out or point me in the direction on where to look, Thank you very much for you time.

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    Re: Need Help With PACE Cable Box (Programing New Funcard4)

    Sorry its been so long between work and christmas hol,s nic to think someone is thinking of me. Question need help retrieving box key and ird no from pace DC22 1KN. ;-

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