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Thread: tools EMUKreator 3.20

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    here are the tools needed for BissCam (converted Matrix)!

    a) Emukreator 3.20
    b) Emukreator 3.20 keygen

    How to use Emukreator 3.20
    - Start the program
    - Import keys from a softcam file ("Utility>Import keys from softcam.keys")
    - For each CA (SECA, Nagravision, .....) select the providers you wish
    - Go to BissCam Editor ("Utility>BissCam Editor")
    - Choose the BissCam file ("File Name")
    - Set the correct "Emu Offset (Hex)" that is 1B1F8
    - Click on "Insert EMU" button
    The file you get is ready to be loaded into the Matrix (using CAS interface)

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    Question Re: tools EMUKreator 3.20

    how do u use the keygen

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    Re: tools EMUKreator 3.20

    I have proceeded exatly as you write and with CAS2 programmed the Matrix but the deco SAT+ S2 Open C.I. remain all black. Do you know why?

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    Re: tools EMUKreator 3.20

    use original software.

    BISSCAM is from BRASOLINO TEAM and you may ask for bug on brasolino...

    EMUKreator is from EMUKTeam...

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