Viacom takes MTV Spain to pay-TV platform

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-02-2014

Viacom International Media Networks has reached an agreement with Spain's Canal+ to broadcast the MTV channel from 7 February. The signal leaves the DTT free-to-air network, as it was announced two months ago, but will remain broadcasting in Spain.

Viacom says it truly believes in MTV's brand for the Spanish market, which is why it wanted to secure the signal's presence in a stable environment. Spain's DTT channels are facing an eventual restructuring, which could close up to nine channels. Although the government's final decision is being delayed, some networks have started to anticipate their movements.

MTV will be broadcast through Canal+'s DTH (direct-to-home) satellite network and via the online platform Yomvi, which offers live streaming, VOD and pay-per-view.

The music channel will free a place in Net TV's multiplex, which is owned by the Intereconomía group. After more than three years of free-to-air broadcasting, MTV will leave its slot in DTT, which could be used for the football team Real Madrid to broadcast its own TV channel. But for the moment, it seems the slot will be occupied by a home-shopping channel until Net TV makes a decision.