TVE to embrace multiscreen, social TV for Goya Awards

Parent Category: News | 04-02-2014

Spanish channel TVE is to stream the Goya Awards online through seven live simultaneous signals so viewers can choose which one to watch at any moment.

In addition, via TVE's social TV app, viewers will be able to edit short videos and upload them to the social networks.

The public network will make use of new TV technologies while broadcasting the Goya Awards, which will take place in Madrid on 9 February. TVE is aiming to repeat 2013's success, when the channel got nearly four million viewers during the awards programme, so it offering special programming related to the Goya Awards on its schedule this week.

TVE's second-screen app +TVE ( will be the main feature during the awards. It will be possible to cut, edit and upload any moment of the event and comment on it through +TVE, Twitter and Instagram.

Through, seven live signals will be available, broadcasting from the red carpet, backstage and the press room, and there will also be a special edition of the lifestyle programme Corazón. There will also be a programme with a sign-language interpreter. All seven signals will be available for PCs, tablets and smartphones.