UK online video viewers show taste for box sets

Parent Category: News | 04-02-2014

Research from growing UK online TV and video service blinkbox has revealed just how the nation’s content consumption tastes are changing in the advent of content bingeing.

What is most apparent from the survey, said blinkbox, was the extent of UK viewers’ box set ‘obsession’, with almost two-thirds (61%) feeling compelled to watch more than one episode of a new favourite show at a time. Two-fifths of the survey reported watching box sets in bed, leading to a third of box set watchers admitting that they are likely to get less sleep when hooked on a box set.

The new phenomenon of fear of missing out (FOMO) is very real when it comes to home entertainment, with almost a quarter (23%) saying they feel ‘out of the loop’ if they have not seen a box set friends and family are talking about. Just over an eighth of viewers acknowledged feeling pressured to watch a TV box set that colleagues are watching. At home, a quarter say they can sometimes feel pressured to watch the TV box set their partner is into.

Aiming to put the findings into context, blinkbox movies and TV managing director, Adrian Letts, said: “When it comes to great TV, we’ve never had it so good. Amazing storytelling and great characters like Breaking Bad’s Walter White have ensured that box set TV is firmly ingrained in our culture and part of our everyday lives. We now sell as much TV as we do movies.”