GS Group, multi-industry high-tech holding of Russian origin has conducted complex research of Pakistani pay-TV market. The results of two-phase examination showed high demand for quality digital TV both among mass and elite sectors of the country’s market. At the same time it unveiled the major problems influencing the quality of TV services.
In November mass market of Pakistan was examined. According to the data received from the respondents, over 73 percent of Pakistani population is not satisfied with the quality of cable TV services which are widely spread in the country.
The latest research conducted by GS Group marketing team in December analyzed TV preferences of Pakistani elite pay-TV market segment. Respondents comprised of male audience aged 20-65 with average monthly income less than 3 000 USD. Their answers disclosed the fact that overwhelming majority of Pakistanis are really bothered and highly dissatisfied that there is still no legal quality digital TV service in their country. According to the graphs with results, at least 59% of respondents showed their strong interest not only in quality digital TV but also in having HD-channels in their packages. 93% of the respondents are ready to change their current TV operator to receive high quality services.
IPTV operators provide TV services to 10 percent of the population. However, the prevailing majority of Pakistanis have Internet connection which causes trouble while watching TV.
To recall, the decision on digital switchover in Pakistan has been postponed for 10 years in a row. The latest research on the Pakistani TV market conducted by Dataxis intelligence agency however shows that despite the expected launch of cable TV services and general legal access to Indian TV, the households in Pakistan are lagging behind the neighboring countries in terms of quality digital TV.