Univision partners Applicaster to offer cross-screen TV

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 05-02-2014

Univision Communications is offering a new second-screen experience through Applicaster's CrossMates technology, which enables the viewer to directly participate in programmes.

Applicaster's technology combines video delivery abilities with broadcaster-controlled experiences and can be integrated into any TV vertical, whether a scripted series, reality show or children's programme. It can also be combined with commercial offers and sponsorships that are woven into the plot.

During series production, Applicaster works closely with scriptwriters to include second-screen elements in the plot, so they are fully integrated in the series.

"Broadcasters continuously seek new ways to cater to increasingly sophisticated video consumers and second-screen audiences," said Jonathan Laor, CEO at Applicaster. "However, this should not come at the expense of main screen advertising revenues, but rather magnify them; adding social, interactive, and commercial layers to the TV experience creates a new synergy broadcasters want to leverage."

Univision debuted use of this technology in late 2013 with the premiere of the soap opera Lo Que La Vida Me Robó. Through its bilingual digital video network, UVideos, Univision offers its audiences an ongoing direct interaction with their favorite TV characters. Viewers receive personal messages throughout the season with photos, video clips, exclusive bits of plot information and commercial offers in context of the shows.

"These added features are the result of our understanding that viewers today want deeper engagement with their favorite stars and programmes, whether on linear TV or our digital properties," said Kevin Conroy, president for digital and enterprise development at Univision.