68% of French TVs have broadband connection

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 05-02-2014

Although 68% of French viewers have a connected TV, usage remains limited, according a study from CCM Benchmark.

59% of connected TV owners use an IPTV broadband connection via their ADSL box, while 9% have directly connected their TV set to the Internet, the study, released during a conference on connected TV and multiscreen environment, points out.

According to CCM Benchmark, 6% of viewers also use their game console or Blu-ray player and 2% rely on an independent TV device such as Google TV or Apple TV, while 32% have no connection at all.

CCM Benchmark adds that usage has clearly intensified over the last months with only 9% of people polled saying they've never used such broadband services compared to 23% a year ago.

Regular users more often rely on services such as catch-up TV, programme guides, music or radio.