XBMC brings online streaming to living rooms

February 5, 2014 08.43 Europe/London By Robert Briel

XBMCHub.Open source media centre software XBMC has launched a video-on-demand style user interface to navigate online streaming web sites.

XBMC said it now brings online streaming to living rooms across the globe compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS.

In a press release, XBMCHub.com said it is “making the choice to cut cable has never been easier through the implementation of the free and open source media centre software XBMC.”

“The end user sits down, decides whether he wants to watch a movie, TV show, or live sports; within seconds he can enjoy any movie or TV episode ever made, all free, it’s a life changer” said Eleazar Coding, a third-party add-on developer from within the open source community.

The open source project began in 2003 and has since grown to the point where there is now a volunteer community of more than six hundred developers taking part in its growth, with the
software being offered in over sixty five languages worldwide. Leeway is given to independent developers wanting to create third-party add-ons for the software which can be used to interface with different types of web content.

According to the press release “It remains legal because the official developers have no control over add-ons are independently released through community development. Some of the most popular third-party add-ons for XBMC have been made to interface with sites such as IceFilms, 1Channel, Project Free TV, Movie25 and Movie4k; many of which have already themselves become
household names. Almost any type of online media can be set to interface with it’s open source system.

“In an economy where cable television cord cutting in ever-increasing, XBMC is the ideal solution. It runs on everything from computers to mobile devices to set-top boxes, and it is rapidly expanding on a daily basis. The variety of available content is comparable to no other media system in existence because it grants access to virtually everything that’s already available online.”

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