NanoTech adds first native 4K UltraHD streaming film

Michelle Clancy | 06-02-2014

Moonshine Kingdom has become the first native 4K feature-film available to stream on the Nuvola NP-1 media player by NanoTech Entertainment.

Based on true events, Moonshine Kingdom tells the story of an Amish man who willingly leaves the Amish community. The film begins upon his arrival back home after serving his country as a war medic, only to find he is rejected by the Amish community. He is then introduced by an old friend to the underground, chaotic and dangerous world of 'shining', or making unlicensed liquor.

The movie was shot, cut, edited and produced by 21-year-old Ryan Forte, through his Indie Film production company Forte Nox Productions.

From 2012-2013 Moonshine Kingdom was filmed using Red One and Scarlet 4K video cameras, and, to avoid millions in post-production costs, Forte produced the film himself using the NVDIA Cuda platform and Adobe Creative Cloud, a new method that allows editing 4K footage in real-time without the need for lengthy conversion processes.

After seeing the film at the 2013 American Film Market, NanoTech Entertainment said that it recognised the opportunity to expand its 4K library and bought the rights to the film, adding its first feature-length film to the UltraFlix Ultra HD channel.

To access content, consumers need a Nuvola NP-1 a streaming 4K media device that goes for about $300.

"Other competitors like the Sony's UHD media player ($699) also offers 4K movies, but is exclusive to Sony TVs and requires downloading the entire film before viewing (can take four to five hours)," said NanoTech. "With the Nuvola, users can stream Ultra HD content with an Internet connection as low as 6Mbps."