In-person experience critical component to UltraHD adoption

Editor | 06-02-2014

Three-quarters of online US adults who saw UltraHD technology in a retail store would be interested in owning the technology at some point in the future, while only a third who did not would buy, research from CES has revealed.

The two studies released by the US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Consumer Perspective on Ultra HDTV and Consumer Perceptions of Ultra HDTV Technology at Retail were designed to gauge in a quantitative and qualitative measure respectively, consumer awareness, perception, interest and purchase intent for Ultra HDTV technology.

The qualitative study supports the notion that seeing UltraHD technology in person is critical for consumers to understand its benefits. In the study, consumers visited retail stores to experience UltraHD TVs in person and then shared their experience. Many say they went into the stores sceptical that UltraHD TVs would be better than their current HDTVs. However, seeing the technology in person had a significantly positive impact on their opinions of UltraHD TV, an impact that could not have been achieved through reading a description of the technology alone. Among those who have seen or heard about UltraHD in a retail store, 73% view the technology positively, compared with 45% who did not see or hear about the technology in a store.

"UltraHD TV consumer adoption will be a case of 'seeing is believing,'" says Rhonda Daniel, senior manager, market research, CEA. "The technology offers an incredibly immersive viewing experience with superior picture quality. Experiencing the technology in person is a critical component to drive consumer interest in adopting UltraHD as their next television."

The CEA forecasts UltraHD TV unit shipments will increase eightfold in 2014 to reach 485,000 units and surpass $1 billion in revenue for the first time by the end of the year. It also showed that, fundamentally, price and availability of UltraHD content are the top concerns regarding future 4KTV purchases. Two-fifths of the survey has concerns regarding the availability of UltraHD television programming. Just over three-fifths of online consumers say they would be more willing to purchase an UltraHD TV if the picture quality was so clear that it felt like they were experiencing what they were watching in person or if the picture quality was better than a movie screen.