Milestone-year for Sky Deutschland

February 6, 2014 09.43 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Sky Deutschland smart cardSky Deutschland delivered the first positive full year EBITDA under the Sky brand of EUR35 million (2012: negative EUR51 million), which represents a EUR86 million year-on-year improvement.

The number of direct subscribers grew by 304,000 to 3,667,000 customers at year end (2012: 3,363,000). In addition, the number of wholesale subscribers increased by 143,000 to 268,000 (2012: 125,000) as a consequence of the inclusion of Deutsche Telekomís former Ligatotal IPTV and mobile customers. Gross additions amounted to 698,000.

Skyís Premium HD offering grew by 285,000 (2012: 540,000) to 1,799,000 (2012: 1,514,000). When including customers with free access to this package, for example those with the first year free as part of a two-year contract, 2013 saw the number of Premium HD customers increase by an additional 143,000, with a total of 2,025,000 customers now receiving Skyís Premium HD channels. Over half of Sky customers (55.2 percent; 2012: 47.5%) have access to Skyís HD offering.

The number of Sky+ customers grew by 551,000 (2012: 518,000) to 1,480,000 (2012: 929,000). At year end, 40.4% of Sky customers enjoyed the unmatched convenience of a Sky+ receiver in their home (2012: 27.6%).

Sky Zweitkarte (second smartcard) customers increased by 24 percent (2012: 10.3 percent) to 429,000 (2012: 346,000).

Total revenues, mainly driven by subscription revenues, increased by 16 percent, reaching EUR1,546 million (2012: EUR1,333 million). Total costs excluding depreciation were EUR1,512 million (2012: EUR1,384 million), representing cost growth of just 4% when excluding the effect of the enhanced Bundesliga rights.

Net income also improved strongly and amounted to negative EUR133 million (2012: negative EUR195 million).