David Michel to leave Marathon Media

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 06-02-2014

David Michel, co-founder and MD at animation production outfit Marathon Media, will leave Zodiak Media on 31 March, the group has announced.

In 2011, he also joined Zodiak Media's executive board as senior VP marketing.

His departure follows that of Marathon Media's former CEO Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, who left last November.

Both men co-founded Marathon Media in 2011, co-creating and co-producing some 13 international series including worldwide hit Totally Spies.

The current production at Marathon Media entitled Get Blake is set for broadcast on Nickelodeon in the US and Gulli in France.

Further developments will now be handled by COO Ambroise Delorme and chief creative officer Eryk Casemiro.

To David Michel this marks the end of an era: "The launch of Marathon Media with Vincent Chalvon Demersay has been a great adventure and the decision to leave was a difficult one," said Michel in a release. "I will continue to work alongside the Marathon Media team until 31 March to ensure a smooth transition towards our partners worldwide and internal teams."

Zodiak Media has been undergoing major changes at executive level since the exit last October of CEO David Franck who was replaced by Marc-Antoine d'Halluin, also CEO of Marathon Media.

Frank's brother Matthew, former CEO of Zodiak Rights, also left a few weeks ago.

Last year, Pascal Breton exited French drama producer Marathon.