Connected devices boost advertising brand engagement

Michelle Clancy | 07-02-2014

While advertisers and marketers have struggled with the issues of ad effectiveness and ROI for decades, today's connected consumer has created new opportunities as well as new challenges for brands trying to break out and build loyalty says YuMe research.

The YuMe/Interpret Ad Effectiveness Studies looked at several individual campaigns, assessing the impact of a variety of advertising campaigns across a wide range of connected devices, capturing brand metrics such as: brand awareness, brand favourability, consideration, recommendation and post-exposure actions.

"Devices such as smart TVs and gaming consoles are designed with the connected experience in mind," said Ben Spergel, senior vice president of media insights at Interpret. "As consumers are seeking out specific content and entertainment on these devices, it stands to reason that they are naturally receptive to the advertising within that content and entertainment."

Gaming consoles in particular, due to their high level of engagement, seem to provide value across a number of brand metrics. One brand found that campaign executions on the PlayStation 3 app and on smart TV/Blu-ray players were highly impactful in raising brand awareness and brand opinion versus the non-exposed control group using these devices. In addition to higher brand awareness among those exposed, brand favourability (those rating the brand "excellent") was twice as high among those who recalled the ads from either platform than the control group.

Beyond just increasing consumer awareness and brand sentiment, exposure across these platforms created stronger connections to the brand and its key messaging. Survey respondents who recalled the ads were significantly more likely to "definitely consider" future purchase (lifts of 82% for smart TV/ Blu-ray and 50% for the PS3 app) and "definitely recommend" (lifts of 45% and 11%, respectively) the brand.

In addition, agreement on key brand attributes among exposed groups was also higher. For example, the brand "makes you more confident" response saw increases of 34% among smart TV/Blu-ray and 37% for PS3 and "makes you feel attractive to others" was up 18% for both executions.