Integral Ad claims first for video ad monitoring

Parent Category: News | 09-02-2014

Global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media Integral Ad Science has unveiled what it calls the first integrated video advertising viewability, fraud and brand safety monitoring solution.

With the release, Integral Ad Science says it now has the capability to monitor for brand safety, geo-location, context, suspicious activity and other key metrics for buyers and sellers of video ad impressions. Business benefits for publishers and video ad networks are also said to include having the ability to monetise video ad traffic based on quality, in-view, brand safe and fraud-free impressions.

The solution also includes detailed metrics and analytics that are said to help brands and agencies more accurately understand and monitor the true performance of their video campaigns. Integral will additionally be rolling out advanced viewability metrics for video to provide deeper insights into consumer engagement with video ads.

Using the new system, brands and publishers can compare and optimise display and video ad performance side-by-side, using consistent measurement attributes for both. Customers have access to Integral's viewability layered with VPAID metrics, revealing comprehensive exposure insights such as including whether a video ad was ever started, whether a video ad was seen by a consumer, how long the ad was in view (completion by quartile), whether an ad was muted, whether an ad was displayed full-screen and detailed click through rates.

"As a trusted partner of both the buy and sell side, we developed our new video product to address the growing need for transparency when it comes to video advertising," commented Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. "As a natural product extension of our current offerings, video monitoring enables brands to invest smarter, while focusing on high quality media and performance."