Apple, Samsung to slug it out in second-screen market

Joseph O'Halloran | 10-02-2014

The battle royal between Apple and Samsung in the smartphone arena is set to spread to the tablet arena in 2014, according to research by WitsView.

Making this more interesting, said the research firm, was the fact that the two giant brands show distinct strategies in attempting to gain the upper hand. It says that Apple offers a conservative defendant measure to secure profits while Samsung sees shipment expansion as top priority, with the urge to grow actively.

Given these different strategy execution and effects, WitsView predicts that shipment volumes of these two will converge with a market share gap narrowing to less than 10% by the end of 2014. WitsView projects tablet shipments for Apple and Samsung are 80 million and 70 million units respectively. Due to the slow season effect, the analyst added, most tablet brands have inventory adjustment as priority, while Samsung is likely to benefit the new model distribution and enjoy reverse shipment growth.

Commenting on the results, WitsView senior research director, Eric Chiou, said: ďApple iPadís 4Q13 shipment lifted to 26 million units with two flagship items joining in, lighter and slimmer iPad Air and higher resolution iPad mini Retina, after a sales pause. Despite of a record high shipment in 4Q13, it couldnít avoid a dropping market share from 43.9% in 2012 to 37.8% in 2013. The high-priced iPad this year has to not only confront the price-cutting competition from Android tablets, but face the clash with low-priced Windows 8 NBs, suggesting the overwhelming threat to the American brandís superiority Ö In view of the [Galaxy Tab] model line-up and launch schedule, Samsung demonstrates its strong ambition in the tablet market.