MICT leases African satellite capacity from Arabsat

Rebecca Hawkes | 11-02-2014

UAE-based investment company Morgan for Information and Communications Technology (MICT) is to lease satellite capacity on Arabsat 5C to provide ICT solutions for Africa.

"The importance of this agreement is not only in its value and financial returns, but also in the glimmer of hope it gives despite the difficulties and challenges facing the region; it's a message that we still care and hold a lot of hope and a little of the welfare to all the communities of the African continent," said Kazem Zain, CEO, Morgan for Information and Communications Technology.

Two ground stations will be built and begin operation in Africa in 2014, with others to follow to accommodate the growing ICT needs of the region, said Zain, adding that Morgan aims to become the most reliable provider in Africa.

Khalid bin Ahmed Balkheyour, president and CEO of Arabsat, said the satellite operator will provide MICT with full support to realise its project.

Arabsat 5C is located in orbit at 20 degrees east.