NBC taps ScheduALL for resource management for Sochi broadcast

Michelle Clancy | 11-02-2014

NBC has announced that it is using ScheduALL's advanced resource management solutions to coordinate the broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, which run until 23 February. This will be the seventh straight Olympics for which the two have teamed up to orchestrate the logistics of people, equipment, locations and transmission feeds.

"We are privileged to contribute to the success of the NBC Olympics broadcast for the seventh consecutive time," said Stefan Nied, vice president of worldwide operations at ScheduALL. "We approach each Games with broad industry knowledge and expertise, combined with intimate understanding of the needs for NBC Olympics."

ScheduALL manages critical information such as video router assignments and satellite uplink scheduling, and automatically passes the information to downstream systems to facilitate on-air coverage for each feed.

Prior to its first ScheduALL implementation for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, NBC Olympics relied on a manual process for managing and scheduling feeds.