Telefónica, SES bring data to northern Brazil

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-02-2014

Telefónica and SES have signed a deal to use satellite technology to improve VIVO's mobile data connection in the north of Brazil.

Telefónica will use 290Mhz of SES NSS-7's C band to meet the increasing demand for data in the country's rural and remote areas.

The biggest metropolitan areas of the Amazon region, Macapá and Boa Vista, will now have access to VIVO's 3G. In addition, several isolated communities in the region will be connected through 2G, which will, according to SES, generate new business opportunities.

The collaboration between SES and Telefónica has lately been targeting the improvement of telecoms services for Latin America in order to meet increasing demand for connections and content.

"This agreement with SES is really important for northern Brazil, as it brings much better voice and data services to the region," explained Ignacio García-Comín, from Telefónica Global Solutions.

"The partnership between Telefónica Global Solutions and SES allows both people and companies in Latin America to have flexible and reliable networks to deliver contents," added Dolores Matos, sales VP at SES Latin America. "VIVO's customers will now be able to enjoy these services, even in the regions which had been out of coverage until now."