Chile, Brazil have LATAM's highest broadband speed for VOD

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 11-02-2014

Chile and Brazil have the highest average speeds for broadband connections in Latin America, according to the latest report from Netflix which analyses Internet connections for video-on-demand (VOD) delivery.

With an average of 2.09Mbps and 2.08Mbps, Chile and Brazil top the Latin American countries in which the over-the-top (OTT) platform is operating.

Colombia (1.91Mbps), Mexico (1.76Mbps) and Argentina (1.60 Mbps) complete the ISP index for the region ( which was recently published by Netflix.

Regarding operators, Chile's highest average broadband speeds are offered by GTD (2.82Mbps), Telmex (2.25 Mbps) and VTR (2.16 Mbps), while the slowest are Telefónica (1.94 Mbps) and Entel (0.97 Mbps). In Brazil, GVT offers 2.85 Mbps, TIM 2.81 Mbps and Net Virtua 2.26 Mbps are the three fastest operators, while Algar (1.90 Mbps), Telefónica (1.44 Mbps) and Oi Velox (1.36 Mbps) are the slowest.

In Colombia, the ranking is topped by Telmex (2.13 Mbps) and UNE (1.88 Mbps), in Mexico by Mecable (2.41 Mbps) and Cablemás (2.27 Mbps) and in Argentina by Cablevision-Fibertel (1.88 Mbps). The slowest connections are offered by Telecom Colombia (1.34 Mbps), Telmex Mexico (1.61 Mbps) and Telecom Argentina (1.20 Mbps).

Netflix uses the data associated with the streaming experience to compare ISPs and create these reports to give their clients monthly insights into which ISPs deliver the best Netflix experience.