Looking Glass International sells 70 hours of programming in Asia

Louise Duffy | 11-02-2014

Australian distribution company Looking Glass International, which specialises in factual programming, has sold more than 70 hours of programming to several broadcasters in Asia.

KBS (Korea) together with CCTV (China) has picked up blue chip wildlife documentaries The Unlikely Leopard and Big Cat Odyssey from 2013 Jackson Hole Honorees and award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert Both one-hour documentaries are produced by Wildlife Films Botswana for the National Geographic.

In addition, CCTV (China) has also picked up the martial arts/science programme Fight Masters: Silat (1x60’) produced for National Geographic, and A Quiet Revolution (1x60’) by Moving Bits and the natural history documentary Fish Listeners of Setiu Lagoons (1x60’), an Apparat production in association with FINAS. Big Cat Odyssey has also found a home with Okto (Singapore).

Truevision (Thailand) has acquired a programming package that includes the award-winning series Discovering Animal Behaviour (2x60’/24x5’) produced by Alberto José Redondo Villa and Juan Carranza Almansa and the visually stunning wildlife programme Desert Dreams (1x60’) from US producer Wild Horizons.

China's Rare Media has acquired Rivers of our Time (6x30’) an Oak3 Films production for Channel News Asia, and First Flower (1x60’), a NOVA Production by Hamilton Land & Cattle for WGBH in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Bang Singapore and ARTE France.

Wonder Hypermedia Corporation (Taiwan) has acquired the underwater series Undersea Edens (6x30’), produced in HD by Plankton Productions and the travel and lifestyle series Travel Oz (95x30’) produced by Grainger Television (Australia).

The Chinese Hajj, a one-hour documentary on the pilgrimage, has been sold to Radio Television Brunei. This documentary, an Infocus Asia production in association with China Intercontinental Communication Center for National Geographic Channels, follows five Chinese Muslims as they undertake a journey of a lifetime.

Hong Kong's TVBi has acquired the series Accidental Chef (8x30’), an Ochre Pictures for Channel News Asia International as well as Heritage Hunters (6x30’) from Sitting In Pictures for Channel News Asia International in association with the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Finally, Thoa Le Entertainment in Vietnam has picked up the fashion series Trend Makers (4x30’) produced by Oak 3 Films.