Rami Levy, Vonetize team up for Israeli OTT video venture

Rebecca Hawkes | 11-02-2014

A new low cost Israeli over-the-top (OTT) video service is set to be unveiled by Rami Levy Communications and premium content provider Vonetize, to take on multichannel incumbents Yes and HOT.

The new service, to be delivered via set-top boxes connected to the Internet, will feature content acquired and distributed by Vonetize, but be marketed under the name of Rami Levy – famed in Israel for slashing the cost of supermarket chickens and mobile telephony – according to the Times of Israel.

Vonetize already has digital licensing deals with international content owners including Disney and Warner Brothers, and local content providers, with content being delivered to connected television sets under the Smart TV Alliance.

"We are going to be announcing a lot of new agreements with content providers and manufacturers in the coming weeks, and we are working on several deals similar to the Rami Levy one, to deliver premium TV content via set-top boxes over the Internet in other countries," Noam Josephides, CEO and co-founder of Vonetize told The Times of Israel.