Telstra in Chromecast exploratory talks with Google

Rebecca Hawkes | 11-02-2014

Australian telecommunications company Telstra is reportedly in talks to stream its BigPond IPTV service over Google's Chromecast later this year.

The Chromecast dongle, which allows high definition (HD) Internet-streamed video to be played on a television set when connected through an HDMI port, has been positioned in the US as a cheaper alternative to Apple TV.

In addition to the standalone dongle to help boost revenues for Telstra's media assets such as BigPond Movies, engineers are deliberating on whether the device's functionality could be embedded into Telstra's T-Box set-top box, according to The Australian.

As well as films, Telstra has potentially lucrative online sports applications for AFL and NRL games. In 2013, Telstra attracted more than 1.5 million AFL app downloads and 800,000 NRL app downloads, according to the newspaper figures that could escalate if their availability was more widespread.

Google released a software development kit (SDK) for the Chromecast last week, however the report suggests the talks pre-dates this.

Both Telstra and Google have declined to comment on a potential link-up.