CTC Media restructures

February 11, 2014 09.06 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

CTC Media NewThe Russian commercial broadcaster CTC Media has announced structural changes aimed at the further development and enhancement of its presence on the internet and in digital media.

They see the formation of what it terms is a ‘Transmedia Projects Department’ that will continue the development of digital and cross-platform programs and produces various projects for the internet.

The department will be headed by Alexey Pivovarov, who joined CTC Media in October 2013, and supervised by Viacheslav Murugov, chief content officer and head of CTC channel.

Commenting on the new department, Yuliana Slashcheva, CTC Media’s CEO, said: “Multiplatform content consumption is an important trend in media development, opening up new opportunities for scaling up the audience, promoting television brands and monetizing unique content. Creation of new development will allow integration of all digital and transmedia projects with TV business. CTC Media has become Russia’s pioneer in cross-platform projects and continues active development of this area, which is one of our key strategic priorities.”

Viacheslav Murugov added: “Creation of a dedicated department is a logical step towards consolidating the creative expertise of CTC Media and ensuring effective management of transmedia project development. We intend to implement cross-platform projects in all accessible media for maximum involvement and coverage of our audience.”

Alexey Pivovarov continued: “Today’s viewers are not content with the screen alone. To be a leader in the rapidly changing market, it is necessary to find new methods of involving the audience emotionally. Transmedia projects, which are at the junction of television, internet and mobile applications, are the optimal approach to performing this task.”