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Thread: Will this work ?

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    Will this work ?

    hello all

    Firstly i am aware of the new pairing method being used by certain large organisations but hope the workaround ive heard about works for me .
    im looking to set up an external CS system to share with a few family members only and this is how i am thinking about going about it . what i would like to know from the experts is that it will work before i start. i dont mind having a go and experimenting but would not want to waste my time if its not going to work at all in the long run.
    here goes . Firstly i wont be using the card from my existing $ly box , i would be subscribing to a multiroom package and using the card from that box. once that box is installed i would buy a older Thomson box off ebay and pair the multi room box card to that . then using that card in a dreambox 500s and OScam, share as per the normal method a that i have already researched .

    would this work ? i suppose what i am asking is that is there any known problems using the card from the multiroom box as opposed from the main box ?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Will this work ?

    yes and no that method would have worked but I believe they have stopped the pairing to thomson boxes. And have been asking people to upgrade there box by 31-3-2014 for free.
    Assume after this date you will have to pay to upgrade or It could be when they will kill off any cards still paired to thomson boxes.Who knows will have to wait and see

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