IAB, AEDETI team up for interactive, connected TV

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-02-2014

The Spanish advertising association IAB has signed a deal with the country's association for interactive TV, AEDETI, to improve standardisation and diffusion of connected TV.

Antonio Traugott, IAB's director, will be part of AEDETI's board of directors, while José Luís Vázquez, AEDETI's president, will work for the video and TV commission at IAB. Through the agreement, the organisations aim to define new business opportunities and standardise the interactive TV model.

"The deal means a boost for the connected TV sector and its advertising business, and aims to increase advertising industry investment in this new platform," said Traugott.

"We share interests and from now on will also share efforts, allowing new advertising models for connected TV," explained Vázquez. "Both associations represent the sector's main agents, which have on several occasions called for the need to define advertising formats and measurement tools for connected screens."

IAB Spain represents around 95% of advertising and digital communication companies in Spain, including media agencies, advertisers, publicity networks, consulting firms and technology providers among others. AEDETI aims to be a link between public administration, media professionals, TV channels and advertisers.