Claro Colombia adds TruTV HD to its lineup

Colombian cable operator Claro TV announced the inclusion of a new high definition channel. TruTV HD was added on channel 1411 and thus, it broadens its share and reaches more than 25 million homes in Latin America. With the TruTV HD addition, Claro Colombia offers a total of 41 channels in this technology. Fox Sports 3 HD, Moviecity Premieres HD, Film Zone HD, Investigation Discovery HD, FX HD and VH1 are some of the most recent incorporations to the operatorís lineup.

Claro Colombia offers two options with high definition channels. The Basic HD Digital Television plan includes 90 video channels and six audio channels; furthermore, for an extra charge it offers four channels in the HBO minipack (or 10 with the full pack), four channels in the Moviecity minipack (or 8 with the complete pack) and 9 PPV channels. On the other hand, the Advanced HD Digital Television package offers 125 video channels and 56 audio channels. It also offers the HBO and Moviecity Premium packages, as well as PPV channels. Both of the plans include up to 41 HD channels, depending on the city and the price.

Some of the shows that can be seen through the channel include The Dudesons, a Finish series that combines comedy and stunts; Ink Master, the reality show that searches for the next tattoo master; Tattoo Nightmares, a show in which awful tattoos become pieces of art; Total Blackout, a show that places its contestants in limit situations; and the new seasons of Killer Karaoke and The Hero.