Sales of consumer tech goods drop 2% in France

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 13-02-2014

Technical goods consumption in France last year dropped 2% to reach €15.4 billion, but high demand for smartphones and tablet should pave the way for growth in 2014.

According to GfK, sales of high-tech devices were seriously impacted by a marked decrease in TV set revenue, but the continuing fall since 2010 of the TV market is being compensated by the strong growth in smartphone and tablet sales.

TV sales dropped by 15% to 5.7 million units last year, with a fourth of these being smart TVs.

In contrast, French consumers bought 23.7 million mobile phones and smartphones in 2013, against 22.9 million in 2012. 6.2 million tablets found new users too.

In 2014, GfK predicts a 0.7% growth for technical goods, to €15.6 million, mainly drawn from the telecom sector.

Showing a current equipment level of 29% per household, tablet sales also should rise up to 7.5 million units.