Com Hem declares 38,000 TiVo subs

February 14, 2014 12.02 Europe/London By Julian Clover

TiVo Com HemCom Hem says it has secured 38,000 subscribers for its TiVo service in the period from its October 7 launch and the end of its financial reporting period on December 31.

The Swedish cablenet has been highlighting TiVo’s intelligent search and recommendations as well as its access to Netflix and the 65-channel TiVoToGo multiscreen service.

“TiVo is important for Com Hem because it is the key to future growth in our digital TV business. The combination of TiVo’s powerful platform and our wide selection allows us to provide the strongest TV product,” said Andrew Barron, Executive Chairman, Com Hem.

However, the delayed launch of the TiVo product hit fourth quarter earnings, which suffered a 2.8% fall to SEK 1.114 million (€126.6m). Operating profit stood at SEK 541 million.

“In 2013, Com Hem has been the building blocks in place for sustainable, profitable growth. It
successful launch of the TiVo, the growth in broadband deal, a major acquisition in business segment, and a record number of connected households do everything points to a strong future”, said Barron.

During the year, Com Hem has strengthened its position as a service provider through new agreements with open networks and metropolitan area networks. Along with new agreements with property owners, this resulted in a record number of connected households 1,820,000 at the end of 2013, an increase of 70 000 households since the end of 2012.