DataFactory launches HTML Center

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14-02-2014

Argentina's DataFactory has launched a sports data tool targeting multiscreen broadcasts in Latin America. HTML Center is a regular data platform with live statistics which can be adapted to all screens on the market.

The tool is already delivering detailed coverage of some of the most watched football competitions in Latin America, such as the Libertadores Cup, Mexico League, Brasileirao and Spain's La Liga. The platform is currently in trial, but aims to become a main tool for Brazil's World Cup broadcasting, which will be offered for multiscreen broadcasts for most TV operators.

HTML Center also offers an interactive tool connected to social networks, designed to increase the networks' social activity. In addition, the data application includes advertising slots aimed at creating new sources of revenue for TV channels during sports broadcasts.

DataFactory's product is offered in four different packages: básico, lite, lite+ and advanced. The HTML Center also includes regular DataFactory services from Gamecast, which covers the tactical side of the football matches.