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Thread: new CCcam server

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    new CCcam server

    some off you know me from gbox,,
    but i think it is for me not stabiel enough,, so i stop with gbox,,
    i have bild a new CCcam server,,
    i have as local card ,,, canal + nl full original,,
    my server is 24/7 ,,
    i exept only local cards with full pakkets on hop 1 ,
    i don't accept people with no local cards,,
    i test all peers and cards,,
    i give 2 hops max,,
    this all is for a stabiel and good netwerk,,
    please mail me if you interested

    regards pipokoeie

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    Re: new CCcam server

    i have tvvlaanderen,
    i likt to join your server

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