HbbTV gaming start-up itsmy.TV launches pay-to-play

February 17, 2014 20.30 Europe/London By Robert Briel

games on hbbtvWATCH VIDEO. Munich-based HbbTV gaming start-up itsmy.TV is launching a pay-to-play gaming portal which can be accessed by all connected smart TVs.

The games Mediathek if available for an All you can play subscription fee of €2.49 per week or for €0.99 per game per 48 hours.

Games on offer include casual, family, party and quiz-games and aim at single players as well as for family play.

All games can be ordered and played with the remote control of the TV set. The portal uses the HbbTV standard. Payment can be done via PayPal or via a mobile phone. The portal can be accessed via the HbbTV service from ProSieben.

“This is an important step for the success of HbbTV,” said Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of itsmy.TV, “Successful business models are based on simple and quick purchase options. We are pleased to offer our games developers and publishers now the first commercial games HbbTV-pay function for all Connected TVs. ”

Jukka Saarelainen, CTO and Co-Founder, added: “”With the new PayPal payment function on TV or using your mobile phone account, the buying process of a TV online game only takes a few seconds and thanks to our cloud technology the games start even faster.

Below is a video – with a German soundtrack only – demoing the new games portal