Farncombe claims testing success in 2013

Editor | 17-02-2014

Media technology services provider Farncombe is heralding 2013 as a success, outstripping expectations for its flagship consumer device testing systems.

The company has revealed that it has shipped 23 OpenTest automated consumer device testing systems in the last 12 months. Worldwide customers include pay-TV operators and CPE manufacturers.

“OpenTest has far exceeded our original expectations,” explained Gary Marshall, managing partner for engineering services at Farncombe. “Our policy of low pricing, partnering with customers to determine strategy and enhancing support services has resulted in positive feedback from existing and new customers around the world.”

OpenTest offers features such as video analysis, motion detection, region comparison, and optical character recognition (OCR) to replace the need for manual recognition and verification. Customers can integrate OpenTest with their own defect management, continuous integration and management reporting systems.

As it reported its strong 2013, Farncombe also unveiled OpenTest version 4 which features an unlimited audio and video recording function that allows customers to record the AV outputs from simultaneous tests and keep a record of results.