Antel speeds up cable deployment in Uruguay

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17-02-2014

Over 700,000 Uruguayan homes now have access to the Internet and pay-TV through Antel's fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network, although only 275,000 are actually connected to it.

The public company has also extended 4G LTE coverage throughout the country's most populated areas.

Antel has surpassed 2013's goals and has already announced more ambitious ones for 2014. Over half a million Uruguayans will be connected to Antel's FTTH during this year, while network deployment will continue.

“Uruguay has 62% of homes connected to the Internet, 25% of which are using FTTH,” said Carolina Cosse, Antel's president, adding: “These are very high figures, digits of an OECD country.”

According to Cosse, the FTTH network, which offers speeds up to 30Mbps, is having a positive impact for other industries, especially pay-TV, as it allows better and faster video delivery.

Antel has also been deploying 4G LTE since December 2011 and all the district capitals already have an average coverage of 73%. In Montevideo, the coverage is of 78%, while in Punta del Este has reached 99%.