TF1, Canal+, M6 concerned about competition from Netflix, Google

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 17-02-2014

The heads of the three main commercial broadcasting groups in France, TF1, Canal+ and M6, have written to the French Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filipetti, expressing concern about the growing competition coming from the Web as well as technology giants such as Google, Apple and Netflix.

Arguing that the French audiovisual sector is not undergoing a financial crisis but experiencing an industrial revolution that threatens their economic future, Nonce Paolini, Bertrand Méheut and Nicolas de Tavernost have submitted urgent proposals to save the French audiovisual sector.

In the letter, which was released on the blog Immédias by L'Express, the trio justify their approach by the fact that such US giants have a global business model based on flexible legislative framework and huge fiscal optimisation.

The French TV market is, on the contrary, facing an explosion in the number of free TV channels while the advertising sector is stagnating. It also suffers from rules set up in the 1980s which are particularly complex compared to other European legislation.

Paolini, Méheut and de Tavernost have therefore called on the French Government to reconsider the taxes to which the sector is submitted, liberalise creation and ban advert-forbidden sectors.

Calling for a new organisation to regulate relationships between producers and broadcasters, they also warn against any radical change in the media chronology, whose mechanism secures financing for the French movie industry.