Upside Distribution partners with Socialyse

Parent Category: News | 18-02-2014

Upside Distribution has intensified its digital transformation through a partnership with Socialyse - a digital communication player and part of the Havas Group - to offer broadcasters and producers new digital tools to promote their programmes.

With a catalogue of more than 1,000 hours of content, representing 50 French and foreign producers, Upside Distribution has developed digital tools tailored to support and give more visibility to the programmes it sells.

The company, an entity of Havas Production, has already launched an e-viewing platform and now aims to design original and "sur-mesure" narrative plans to help support the programmes it sells on social networks.

An initial experiment was conducted on the documentary Allende: an Ideology Being Shot Down, produced for the French parliamentary channel Public Sénat. Journalists were given a press kit including a DVD with two pairs of glasses (one for Salvador Allende, the other for General Pinochet) and a USB device with a website on it. Depending on the pair of glasses received, one of two visions of Chilean society appeared on the site.

More recently, a real e-quest was conducted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram around Marilyn Monroe's mysterious trunk, as disclosed in the documentary Unclaimed Baggage. More than 800 followers and e-influencers registered throughout the e-quest, prior to broadcast on France 5 in January 2014.