Smartphone, tablet in-app TV, video advertising to pass $5.6BN by 2017

Joseph O'Halloran | 18-02-2014

The three-fifths of smartphone and tablet users who watch between one and five hours of TV and video on their devices will push US in-app advertising revenues to over $5.6 billion by 2017 says research from Parks Associates.

With the analystís recent industry report, Advertising Trends and Converged Media, finding that 44% of tablet owners and 32% of smartphone users have increased their video consumption on these mobile platforms compared to 12 months ago, 2014 looks like being a standout year for mobile TV and mobile video.

"While industry stakeholders have access to vast amounts of user data, cross-platform audience measurement remains complex, varied and undefined," said Parks senior analyst, Heather Way.

"There is no scalable, cross-platform audience metric standard in place to determine how traditional and online video complements or overlaps one another from a usage and advertising perspective. A true cross-platform video measurement approach is essential to quantify unduplicated reach across broadcast and cable TV, the Internet, and mobile apps and web properties. Industry demand will only grow stronger as more consumers access video programmes outside of traditional channels."