Rising user, operator needs to drive mobile video optimisation to $5BN

Editor | 19-02-2014

The almost unabated rise of smartphones and tablet penetration and the commensurate spike in data usage is set to generate a boom in demand for optimisation solutions.

Indeed as mobile subscribers expect good service whenever and wherever they want and with growing demand for services such as mobile TV and video leaving operators already struggling with network congestion, ABI Research forecasts that Web and video optimisation and deep packet inspection (dpi) investment will increase to over $5 billion by 2019.

"Operators should be concerned with the amount of data consumed by their subscribers, and how this affects the overall quality of experience (QoE)," explained research analyst, Sabir Rafiq. "The optimisation solutions market continues to challenge those vendors, and continued consolidation is likely to achieve a healthy and sustainable ecosystem."

Looking as to which companies and products will likely cash in on this boom, ABI cites video and Web optimisation solutions from vendors such as ByteMobile, Openwave Mobility and Vantrix, which see use in improving the user experience and network performance; deep packet inspection and monitoring vendors, Sandvine, Astellia; and content delivery networks (CDN) from the likes of Ericsson, Nokia Solutions & Networks, Cisco, and Huawei. ABI noted that a focus on content delivery will allow under pressure operators to optimise content to control the delivery and enhance QoS/QoE.