Consumer expectation for sports and entertainment brands at 20-year high

Editor | 19-02-2014

There's never been so much choice in sports and entertainment content to watch, but it's also never been as important to have a power brand in these arenas, says a Brand Keys study.

Data from the New York-based brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy found consumers are very exacting: they basically tune in to sports and entertainment brands that best meet expectations and turn off those that don't.

Driving this trend, says Brand Keys, is the interaction of mobile and socially-networked consumer empowerment, along with perpetual price promotions, which it says have finally reached saturation levels. These have produced what Brand Keys regards as the highest levels of emotional consumer expectations for products and services in two decades, expectations that have a direct effect on consumer loyalty and brand profitability.

In the sports and entertainment category expectations are up nearly 26%, while brands have only grown by 9%. For all 64 brands tracked in the sports and entertainment category including major league sports, morning news shows, evening news shows, online video streaming, online music, major league video gaming and athletic footwear categories emotional engagement expectations related to "trust in content," "compelling storytelling" and "innovation and customisation" exerted the strongest influence on consumer decision-making and engagement with brands.

While emotional engagement levels vary by category, brands in the sports and entertainment category that best met expectations consumers held for the category-specific ideal (100%) were: NBC (92%); National Football League (94%); major league gaming video Call of Duty: Ghosts (92%); Good Morning America (87%); and Pandora online music (90%). In online streaming, the Amazon streaming video service tied with over-the-top (OTT) leader Netflix on 88%, followed by Apple iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, Iwatchonline, Vudu, Cinema Now, Blockbuster and Crackle.

"Congratulations to the companies that continue to create meaningful differentiation and engagement," said Robert Passikoff, president, Brand Keys. "Our validated and predictive metrics prove that brands able to better meet consumer expectations act as surrogates for added value, always producing higher levels of engagement and loyalty than those based on the primacy of product or awareness!"