Demand 5 TV app now on Sony smart TVs

February 19, 2014 10.39 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Demand 5 on Sony - Popular ScreenshotThe Demand 5 TV app is now available on all 2012 and 2013 models of Sony smart TVs.

Using the Massivision MDK, this latest launch follows the delivery of the Demand 5 apps on both Xbox One and PS4 just a couple of months ago.

“We are very pleased to have launched another Demand 5 application with Sony”, said Kieran Bresnan, managing director EMEA, Massive Interactive. “The successful delivery of another Demand 5 application continues to demonstrate Massive’s ability to deliver high performing and rich UI experiences on a wide variety of devices regardless of the underlying middleware stack”.

James Tatam, Digital Media Director for Channel 5, said: “We’re delighted to launch Demand 5 onto the latest generation of Sony smart TVs, marking another milestone in our strategy to widen the availability of some of the UK’s favourite shows to as many viewers as possible.”

Massive Interactive has worked with Channel 5 for a number of years on its Demand 5 technology roadmap, which continues to cover the most platforms of any commercial UK broadcaster. Demand 5 is also available on YouView, Freesat, Samsung, LG, Now TV, PS3, PS4 and XBox One.