Portugal Telecom grows pay-TV base

February 19, 2014 14.09 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

portugal-telecom-txPortugal Telecom ended 2013 with 1,315,000 pay-TV subscribers, or 7.5% more than a year earlier.

At the same time, its triple-play customer rose by 14.3% to 952,000 and growth in FTTH take-up was also strong, growing by 13.5% to 372,000.

Portugal Telecom claimed 41.4% share of the country’s pay-TV market at year’s end, up by 2.2 percentage poinst on a year earlier.

The telco’s revenues in its home market in 2013 amounted to €2,5609 million, a 5.2% reduction on a year earlier.

For the company as a whole, they slumped by 9.3% to €5,988 million.

EBITDA in Portugal was also down, by 9.1% to €1,091 million. In total, it fell by 6.5% to €2,122 million.

Net income amounted to €331 million, up 46.6% on a year earlier.