South Central Rural to deploy whole-home IPTV

Michelle Clancy | 20-02-2014

In another example of smaller telcos deploying next-gen video features, the South Central Rural Telephone Coop (SCRTC) in the US has selected Entone's EnterLink video networking solution for delivery of advanced IPTV services to multi-TV homes.

Entone's EnterLink solution allows operators to deliver a whole-home viewing experience across multiple TV's from a single device.

"With the average household having two to three TVs, we needed a cost-effective and flexible whole-home solution that would allow us to reliably deliver integrated broadband services and advanced video applications without having to rewire our subscriber's home or adding a set-top box at each TV location," explained David Davis, general manager at SCRTC. "The economic advantages of the EnterLink solution made Entone a clear choice."

As part of Entone's EnterLink video networking solution, Entone's Boxless feature simplifies installation and eliminates the need for operator-provisioned set-top boxes. With Boxless, users can independently record, pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward live or recorded programming from any TV within the home.

"In this competitive environment, an operator's success will depend on their ability to keep pace with consumer demand while staying within budgetary constraints," said Mark Evensen, founder and CTO of Entone. "By enabling the delivery of multiple simultaneous video streams throughout the home from a single device, the cost and time associated with new subscriber installation can be minimized. We are excited to be supporting South Central as they rollout their Hybrid TV services."